Why employers and job seekers choose Elite.

What People Love About Elite


Interviewing candidates and doing a temp-to-perm hire has lowered our overall turnover. Elite’s team has been a wonderful resource for our organization.

Randy, Administrator

[The Elite] staff is reliable and familiar with our facility and a welcomed relief during our staffing shortage.

Kim, DON LTC Facility

The ability to call and have Elite handle my staffing headache allows me to focus on running a smooth practice that is centered on patient care.

Samantha, Office Manager

You can’t get much better than an organization focused on making your practice better.

Dr. H., Family Practice

Carla and her staff are passionate about what they do and how they help deliver care to their clients. They are willing to jump through hoops to accomplish what needs to be done. 

Dr. K., Dentist

Work ethic and professionalism are always on display with [Elite’s staff]. Communication and advanced scheduling have always been exceptional.

Billy, Nursing Home Client

I have to tell you; I’ve become very fond of ya’lls CNAs. They are like my family. They get here, do a great job, and I just appreciate them so much.

Donna, DON

Job Seekers

I love these ladies. I have been employed with them since 2013 and I truly have grown to love them. They make sure their employees provide great care while they keep their employees busy with work duties. 


The staff at Elite is like no other agency I have worked for. You feel like you are family from the moment you walk in the door, and they care about you as a person. 

Taylor, LPN

Elite allows you to use your nursing skills in a variety of settings. I enjoy the flexibility it allows me to be with my family.

Sandy, RN

Senior Care Services 

[Elite] saved me mentally 10 years ago with my father. You sent an incredible aide who was professional and my strength while we got him home. Thank you.


Simply put, Carla and her team are amazing. I recommend them all the time and have heard nothing but good things as a result.

Nick W.

Above quality says it all for the [caregivers] working with John. We appreciate them and are so blessed. Thank you very much for sending such a great group…to us. 


The ladies we have had with our mother have been wonderful. We’ve nicknamed them the Dream Team.


Elite’s ability to provide talented staff for assisting individual families is great!